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PlayAbility Toys
Playability Rib It Ball
Playability Rib It Ball
Playability Rib It BallPlayability Rib It BallPlayability Rib It BallPlayability Rib It Ball

Playability Rib It Ball

Dr. Toy rated the Rib-it-Ball™ as one of the “10 Best Socially Responsible Products!”
The unique, patented ribs on the Rib-it-Ball make it easy to grab even for the smallest and weakest of hands! Children will have hours of fun without frustration while improving balance and motor skills. The Rib-It-Balls come with a variety of options.  

$21.95 - $59.95
  • Developemental benefits: Fine Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills Visual Stimulation Visual Processing Tactile Stimulation Forearm Rotation Trunk Extension and Flexion Hand/Eye Coordination Grasp and Release Timing Whole Body Strength Social Engagement Cognitive Development
  • Available in several sizes: 14 inches, 18 inches, and 30 inches;
  • Comes with or without the crinkle material in the ribs.
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PlayAbility Toys are created specifically for children with special needs. Our toy ideas come from parents, teachers, and therapists who support children who are autistic, blind, have muscular dystrophy or are challenged by a variety of cognitive and physical disabilities.... More »
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