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Polar Seal – Men’s Alpine Blue
Polar Seal – Men’s Alpine Blue
Polar Seal – Men’s Alpine BluePolar Seal – Men’s Alpine BluePolar Seal – Men’s Alpine BluePolar Seal – Men’s Alpine Blue

Polar Seal – Men’s Alpine Blue

As the calendar page turns to 2018 , athletes and winter sports enthusiasts are gearing up to take their skis and snowboards out of storage and getting ready to hit the slopes. Starting this winter, winter sports buffs can get a head start on the season with Polar Seal.

Based on a similar technology to that used in fighter jet pilot jackets, all our garments are designed with two integrated heating elements, one for the upper back and one for the lower back.

Our heating elements are ultra thin and flexible, creating a highly durable garment maintaining flexibility and breathability which makes them ideal for sports. Polar Seal garments can also be washed.

Polar Seal is a zip-top shirt that works as a thermal layer. The technology behind it lies in two shockproof and waterproof buttons on the left wrist, one that controls temperature and another that activates two heating zones on the upper and lower back. The shirt is powered by a rechargeable power bank that slips easily into the left pocket, where it connects to Polar Seal via USB.

The buttons light up in yellow, purple and red to indicate the heating zone and temperature level. The shirt is heated by two layers of plastics that can warm the shirt in 10 seconds. The Polar Seal electrical elements are low voltage (5V) and can be safely used in clothing. The maximum temperature reached on the surface of each heating element is 50°C / 122°F and it is limited by a controlling thermostat. Further, the zip-top is CE approved. Depending on the strength of the power supply, the shirt can remain heated for four to eight hours, keeping the body warm for a day on the slopes.

According to Sebastien Vandenheste, Polar Seal is designed to endure alpine conditions, making it suitable both for extreme winter sports and light jogs on a brisk morning. The shirt can be worn under a jacket or over a tee shirt. The material is durable, breathable, and less than a millimeter thick.

The placement of the buttons on the wrist—a design is unique to Polar Seal because the creators thought it was “the most accessible, intuitive, and just the most practical place to have it.”

Our men’s cut is between fitted and loose, which is perfect for sports as it ensures mobility and flexibility. The cut is also suitable for casual wear and is far more flattering to all body types. The sleeve length is slightly generous to account for the use of the optional thumb holes. This cut provides a comfortable and athletic garment 

  • Free worldwide shipping on all Polar Seal tops.
  • Available sizes range from S to XXL and in women's sizes.
  • Users can choose from Warming Low, Warming Medium or Warming High
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