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(from The Wall Street Journal) Walking back from the green light at the end of his dock, Slick stared at his Long Island mansion. He had come a long way from a poor penguin in Antarctica to the greatest peppermint tycoon alive. Here’s his secret: sharp dressing. Always dressed in a tux, Slick was able to charm anyone into letting him have his way. Now, as he is one of the richest penguins of all time, he is often seen frequenting the theater, buying vintage cars and a multitude of other things… 

  • Genuine Braided Leashes sold separately.
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Add-a-Pet…Put it on Your Wrist!!! Adorable bead jewelry for everyone. Not your ordinary charm bead bracelet. These beads make great pets…whimsically fun and cute with little care required. You can take these Pets any place you go! Our pets have... More »
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