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Crowley Jones / Soap Time
SoapTime – Elephant 4 piece kit
SoapTime – Elephant 4 piece kit
SoapTime – Elephant 4 piece kitSoapTime – Elephant 4 piece kitSoapTime – Elephant 4 piece kit

SoapTime – Elephant 4 piece kit

SoapTime’s Smart Base plays the LED lightshows, songs and facts. The Smart Base is battery operated and sink-safe; however, it should be kept as dry as possible and never be submerged in water. To activate the SmartBase, line up the front of your SoapTime bottle with the SoapTime logo at the front of the base and snap it into place. The Smart Base is compatible with all 3 SoapTime bottles and holds 18 songs and facts. The Smart Base recognizes which bottle is attached based on which button is compressed when you apply the bottles. Each bottle compresses a different activation button and the base will play the corresponding songs & facts.

SoapTime features an LED light show and up to 18 individual songs & educational factoids. The musical, educational content, & light show run for :20 seconds, the recommended time to properly wash hands to avoid illness & keep families healthy.

SoapTime’s Elephant Bottle creates a positive sink-side experience with wild-kingdom flare!

1 SmartBase & 1 ABC, 1 Elephant, 1 Earth Bottle 

  • Sing along to An Elephant Never Forgets to Wash His Hands!
  • Learn about Elephants, Zebras, Tigers, & Birds.
  • Elephant’s soap is purple in color, non-toxic, with a light lavender scent.
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SoapTime products were created to give children of all ages a fun & engaging experience at the sink, while providing parents a tool for teaching healthy habits for life. Whether your child is learning hand washing with SoapTime, or reinforcing... More »
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