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Castle & Bay
Sphinx Personal Lounger™
Sphinx Personal Lounger™
Sphinx Personal Lounger™Sphinx Personal Lounger™Sphinx Personal Lounger™Sphinx Personal Lounger™

Sphinx Personal Lounger™

The Sphinx Personal Lounger™ is Castle & Bay™’s premiere product. Unique in design, the 2.2 lb ergonomic lounger fills the gap between hard chairs and inflatables. It is comprised of two pieces that attach by snaps. The flocked pillow top chest piece fits most any body style and has a horseshoe shaped bottom for an arm rest.

The Sphinx Personal Lounger™ is easy to use, compact and portable and deflates to that of a notebook size that can easily put into a backpack for carrying most anywhere. It is lightweight, weighing only 2.3 lbs as carried in its sturdy mesh draw-stringed, cylinder-shaped tote bag.

The flocked top chest piece allows not just for people of standard body types, but others as well. For example, those who are pregnant. Additionally, the lounger’s design allows comfort jn both supine and prone positions; this is especially appreciated by those who prefer laying in a prone position, but can’t normally do so.

The Sphinx Personal Lounger™ can be used to relax in different ways and in different environments. It can be taken to the park, to rest on the grass and read a book; or it can be taken hiking, for a leisurely nap under the trees. The lounge can be taken on a cruise ship to lay outside and soak up the sun; or it can be the perfect alternative to a hammock, after a long day at work. You can lounge the day away near the pool or use it to do yoga or meditation with. No matter what you use it for, the lounger is all about ultimate relaxation.

The Sphinx Personal Lounger™ was made to lounge on, because lounging is important. Lounging is a form of resting that can occur at home, outdoors or in practically any environment. It allows the body and the mind to let go of the stress it holds and to rejuvenate. Rest is essential to our well-being and human functioning. The mind cannot focus or think fully without rest, and the body cannot operate at its best without adequate rest. Lounging allows resting, and The Sphinx Personal Lounger™ is the perfect lounger to facilitate that. 

  • It can be inflated in 12 breaths to its full dimensions of 13″ height, 5″ diameter and 14″ circumference.
  • The Sphinx Personal Lounger™ has been punctured tested and weight tested up to 300 lbs.
  • The Sphinx Personal Lounger™ is designed to support the natural alignment and resting postures of the body.
  • Inflation is customizable and a repair kit is included in its packaging.
  • The media holder, which doubles as a cooler, is a hollow triangular shape with one end that opens, revealing a built in cup holder.
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Castle & Bay™ is a privately owned company. The roots of the company date back to 2010 after the Sphinx Personal Lounger™ was developed by Melissa Ortega of Peshastin, Washington. I love to be comfortable while I am relaxing. And,... More »
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