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SUREswivel Leash Anchor System
SUREswivel  Leash Anchor System
SUREswivel  Leash Anchor SystemSUREswivel  Leash Anchor SystemSUREswivel  Leash Anchor System

SUREswivel Leash Anchor System

When you have to tether your pet, put your trust in the SURESwivel dog leash tether. The SURESwivel gives your pet 360-degrees of tension-free movement without the risk of tangling or escape. Using two patented designs and a well-balanced, low-profile casing, our is the best permanent and temporary solution for tethering your pet. Order today and put your mind at ease about keeping your pet safe and happy.

We understand that tethering your pet is a difficult decision and a last resort. Unfortunately, temperamental pets can put themselves in harm’s way when they escape, and aggressive pets can put themselves, other pets and people at risk. We invented the SURESwivel with these tough cases in mind to give you a safe, responsible choice in tethering. In fact, our own pets were the inspiration behind SURESwivel and its design.

Our dog leash tether is made in the USA using high quality nylon and fiberglass. It’s built to withstand high stress conditions, including extreme temperatures. You can uninstall it and take it with you time and time again without compromising its solid design. We give you six X3 anchor stakes that use a patented spiral shaft to grip into the ground, holding the SURESwivel firmly in place.

SURESwivel is easy to install and easy to move. Use it as a permanent dog leash anchor solution at home or take it with you where you need it. It’s great for dogs, cats and other small critters you want to allow outside while minimizing the risks to their safety. SURESwivel is great to use beyond your lawn, too. For camping, picnics and even concealed in a duck blind on hunting trips, SURESwivel can keep your pets secure. We believe so strongly in our system that we invite you to use it even in professional training situations.

Install your SURESwivel in a tree-free, debris-free area to maximize your pet’s safety. Your pet should be able to walk the full 360-degree diameter of his or her tether’s reach without interruption.

No more worries, no more guilt; with SURESwivel, you know you’re doing right by your pets. 

  • SUREswivel has been extensively tested to withstand up to 1000 lbs of pull force. It works great for dogs (or cats!) large and small, energetic or calm.
  • One SUREswivel base works great for tethering two dogs. The dual swivel feature of the SUREswivel prevents the tethers from becoming entangled.
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SUREswivel™ is a grass roots company based out of Yuba City, California, with your pet’s safety and comfort our number one priority. The inspiration behind SUREswivel™ was our two year old Bengal Cat named Taz. We love his aggressive and... More »
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