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Swim Tether
Swim Tether Original
Swim Tether Original
Swim Tether OriginalSwim Tether OriginalSwim Tether OriginalSwim Tether Original

Swim Tether Original

Swim Tether is a system used to “tether” or allow a person to remain stationary within a swimming pool or other body of water for the purpose of swimming in place. This is different from a swim spa or other endless swimming methods because it requires physical attachment to the ground or wall of the object containing water.

Swim Tether uses lift to reduce drag and provides a swimmer proper orientation by eliminating unnatural forces on the swimmer. The fiber pole height and flexibility have undergone extensive testing and re-testing to ensure the best and most natural swimming experience possible.

Swim Tether is completely portable and packs away with ease. The overall weight, including belt, is under three (3) pounds. All components can be stored in the handy drawstring back that is included with your order.

This is a complete kit & includes everything you need to install and start swimming!

Compact 3-Piece Fiber Rod Pole
Neoprene Covered Nylon Belt – Accommodates Waists Up to 54″
Static Swim Cord (Travel Stretch Cord can be purchased below AC006)
304 Stainless Steel Deck Plate (base) 

  • Purpose built to give you the most natural stationary water workout available.
  • Resistance increases workout intensity and decreases workout time.
  • Compact design makes it easy to store when not in use.
  • Recommended by doctors and physical therapists as a low impact exercise.
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects during normal usage.
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