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The Original Neatfold
The Original Neatfold
The Original NeatfoldThe Original NeatfoldThe Original Neatfold

The Original Neatfold

If you ever needed an extra set of hands to fold your bed sheets, our simple new invention is sure to become a great friend! Neatfold is a unique and handy tool that allows a single person to easily and neatly fold any size bed sheet, spread or other linen, as well as fitted sheets and tablecloths! Neatfold also eliminates sheets from touching the floor.

Neatfold makes folding your bed sheets or spreads so easy you may even begin to think that folding is fun!

  • Neatfold is proudly made in the USA of high quality and durable parts.
  • Its attractive and practical design allows it to be placed virtually anywhere.
  • Neatfold also comes with a life time warranty.
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Have you ever checked into a hotel only to discover that the bedding was not so inviting? Or, just the opposite, do you recall a hotel for such luxurious fresh crisp bedding that you left wishing you could recreate that... More »
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