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Zebra iSucker with PINK
Zebra iSucker with PINK
Zebra iSucker with PINKZebra iSucker with PINK

Zebra iSucker with PINK

Women LOVE our Zebra iSucker with the super cute pink lever as a lovely accent.

The iSucker is compatible with an iPad, Android, Samsung, Kindle, Nook, Microsoft Surface® or any smooth, flat back surface tablet device. With the iSucker’s ergonomic design you can cradle your iPad or tablet in the palm of your hand. The iSucker’s ergonomic design eliminates grasping your device between your thumb and fingers which rapidly causes aches and pain in your hands, or awkwardly trying to hold your iPad or tablet while giving presentations, sharing information with others, reading in bed, or reclining. Don’t like finger prints all over your device, the iSucker minimizes the amount of fingerprints by giving you a secure handle away from the screen to hold your iPad or tablet. It’s the perfect flying companion for watching video on the tray table in front of you, or reading a book, playing Words with Friends, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, or any of the latest iOS, Android, Google, Microsoft, or Blackberry games on the market today. Once you try it were sure you’ll agree…

It’s the easiest way to hold your iPad or tablet since…Hands! 

  • Convenient to use
  • Customizable to you
  • Variety of colors
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iSucker is a better way to hold your iPad or tablet computer. It sits in your palm like a cradle, rather then grasping the device between your fingers. When your tablet is comfortable in your hand you can use it... More »
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